Rani and I start our holiday today. Over the next 10 weeks we'll be working our way back from India to the UK by land and sea. We start off on a freighter ship from Mumbai to Dubai (assuming we make it in time - I'm currently sitting in Beijing, and we have three connections to make in order to get to Mumbai with a few hours spare before we have to board). Then from Dubai we go (inshallah) to Iran, and then via Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia (hi Maja), Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and France back to London. There's a map at Rani's blog. Since things like this don't happen every day, I've bought my first ever camera, a Nikon D40, and I'll be putting pictures up on our flickr account. Don't worry though - I won't be spamming ThoughtBlogs with them. This is the last you'll hear from me until I get back.